Friday, December 7, 2007

Carolina Crossroads

Started a mystery quilt, Carolina Crossroads, by Bonnie Hunter. The site with the instructions is at:

The yahoo group is at:

I am still cutting strips to make my Rail Fence portions. It is gonna be a scrap quilt, with tan for the neutral and black for the accent. I had to buy the black (3 yds.), and I bought the tan because it was on sale for $2 a yd! It is a nice tea-dye look tan. I got 10 yds, because I never seem to have enough neutrals.

I will be posting pics as I go along, but it isn't very exciting at the moment. I will also be posting pics of other projects, as I am no longer making the drive to Duluth for work!!! Yay!! It took a friend of mine 2 hrs to get home on Tuesday because of the snow, instead of her usual 20 minutes.

Well, fiber fiends, I am back to the cutting board.

Cathy B