Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Be Careful!

Hubby and I were at a seminar Saturday. I took my usual pain meds (arthritis and fibro), and a decongestant to ward off reactions to perfumey people. An hour into the program I took a mild muscle relaxer for pain. (The seats were VERY uncomfortable).

Wow! I fell asleep, and when I got up to go to the bathroom I fell down! (Thankfully into the chair.) A friend got a wheelchair for me (still had to pee!), and wheeled me there and back. The doctor at the first aid station checked me and said it wasn't dangerous, but NOT to do it again. I missed almost the entire program, and was not 100% recovered until Tuesday!

Scared my hubby, scared me.

Be careful about combining meds!

I don't remember where I got the pic above. Dover clipart, maybe?

Cathy B

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My favorite quilt basting technique

I really like Sharon Schamber's quilt basting technique. I can sit at a table, a plus for my knees! And starching the back makes it slide easily on my sewing machine, and NO PUCKERS!!!

The url is:

I really like it, and wanted to share it with y'all!

Cathy B

The pic is Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory. He won a Golden Globe the other night. He cracks me up!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

More projects done!

I was on a dishcloth binge last week. Too much stress to do anything taking brain activity!

These are the easiest knitting I know. Just a diagonal increase and decrease. I keep dishcloth cotton in a bin that I can just grab and knit away. There are a lot of earthy dishcloths because that seems to be what a lot of my friends have in their kitchen.

These make great hostess gifts when we go to dinner, and they have come to expect them! lol

I keep trying to find a day with no outside obligations, but they don't seem to appear! Oh, well, back to carving out time for the projects I want to finish.

Take care!

Cathy B

Friday, January 14, 2011

Did I tell you?

I belong to a yahoo group that is all about using up our 'leftovers' from other projects. Actually, I'm the listmom. The group is Bits and Bobs, and the url is:

I am posting links to knit and crochet projects that take less than 150 yards of yarn! It is amazing what you can do with that small amount of yarn.

I will be posting these links for the rest of the year, and beyond that if I can.

Join us if you will!

Cathy B
PS: I love this dishcloth, but can't remember where I got the pic. I will post the link when I find it! ;)

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I have an earache, so I am working on something mindless and simple--dishcloths. I make a diagonal garter stitch square, work in the ends, and it is done.

I will post pics when I can lean over without pain.

Happy Sunday!

Cathy B

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And it goes on.....

This is another fantastic giveaway. I love the quilt pattern she is giving, and the fabrics to make it---wow.


Cathy B

'Nother Giveaway!

This is a great time of year, isn't it? Go here for another giveaway:


Cathy B

Notice of a great giveaway!!

Leona is having a great giveaway. See details here:

Yay!! Free stuff!!

Cathy B

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Got some projects done!!!

Yay! The photo above is Lacy V Scarf, a pattern from Pegg Thomas. You can find it at:

I got it blocked yesterday. It is made of Woolease, which feels great but does not block as crisply as I like. The scarf looks cool, though, doesn't it?

This is a pic of Allie's quilt. Allie is my baby sister, and she did the piecing on this one. She had some ripples and volcanoes, though, and was not comfortable quilting it. I did an allover squiggle, and you would never know there were any problems. She is gonna do the binding, thus the batting edges.

Off to work on RRCB now!

Cathy B

Monday, January 3, 2011

Goals for 2011

Today is much better than yesterday. I am cooking a meal for the family of my dear friend who died Friday. It feels good to do something concrete to help them. They were at the band practice my hubby had last night, and seemed to enjoy the music (and distraction).

I got about half of my RRCB step 4 done. Hope to finish this step today. I will have to wait until tonight to take pics, as I can't find the cord that goes from the camera to the computer.

As for my goals for the year, I want to finish projects that have been started. Sounds simple, but there are so many!!! I will let y'all know how it goes.

Cathy B

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cuttin' strips for RRCB

Well, hubby is at his jam session. I begged off, 'cause I'm working on a migraine. Those old guys are good, but BOY are they loud. I sent over cookies and mozzarella sticks (the fried kind that you dip in sauce) instead of me. They played a gig a couple of weeks ago for a friend's 35th anniversary. The man who owns the venue asked if he could give their number out, that they were a whole lot better then the people that usually play there. Nice, huh?

Anyway, I'm doing the ol' caffeine treatment to try and curtail the migraine. I will be up 'til all hours, but it usually works for me.

Since I know I will be up late, I am cutting up strips for step 4 of RRCB. I will get some pics of my colors up tomorrow!

Happy Sunday, and don't you look pretty with that migraine aura vibrating around you!

Cathy B

PS: The pic at the top is a 12" square quiltlet I made called Floating City.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I haven't kept up with the mystery this time. Spent as much time as I could with a dear friend who died Friday afternoon. It was a release from pain for her, and a deep pain for me.

People are more important than quilts.

I plan on working on RRCB (Bonnie Hunter's mystery for 2010) this next week. I had gotten through step 3, so I still have a LOT to do!!