Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cuttin' strips for RRCB

Well, hubby is at his jam session. I begged off, 'cause I'm working on a migraine. Those old guys are good, but BOY are they loud. I sent over cookies and mozzarella sticks (the fried kind that you dip in sauce) instead of me. They played a gig a couple of weeks ago for a friend's 35th anniversary. The man who owns the venue asked if he could give their number out, that they were a whole lot better then the people that usually play there. Nice, huh?

Anyway, I'm doing the ol' caffeine treatment to try and curtail the migraine. I will be up 'til all hours, but it usually works for me.

Since I know I will be up late, I am cutting up strips for step 4 of RRCB. I will get some pics of my colors up tomorrow!

Happy Sunday, and don't you look pretty with that migraine aura vibrating around you!

Cathy B

PS: The pic at the top is a 12" square quiltlet I made called Floating City.

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