Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Morsel Roundup

I finished a tablerunner called Morsel Roundup last week. It looks like a crazy quilt, doesn't it? I really like working with little scrappy pieces, whether you call them crumb, morsel, ort, or bittles blocks.

The pattern is one I made for the Threadbenders yahoo group, which you can find at:


It is a group for sharing about crumb quilts. I will be posting a free pattern for using these blocks every month. Morsel Roundup is the August project. Come join us!

Take care!

Cathy B

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Workin' on the Brown Crumb Art Gallery Quilt

I rented time on a longarm machine yesterday to quilt Michael's quilt. I've been calling it Brown Crumb, but he insists I start calling it Art Gallery. Okay, it IS his quilt. I did a scribble quilting pattern with wonky outlining on the stars. I had intended to quilt it on my domestic machine, but I am having a bout of tendonitis in my right arm and even brushing my teeth is painful. On the longarm machine I can do most of the work with my left arm. It ends up costing $, but that's the way it is! Thankfully I have been selling off all my spinning fiber, so I had a little money to splurge. Oh, if anyone is interested in the fiber, it is in my etsy store at:


The old joints don't want to cooperate with me spinning or weaving, so the supplies and equipment are all going, a bit at a time.

I will post a pic of the Brown....er, Art Gallery all quilted and bound as soon as I can.

Cathy B

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Stuff I got done!!!

Well, got the top done on the Boxy Stars. I am sending it to the longarmer on Monday. This is the one that is a gift for a friend. This pattern goes together so quickly!! Thanks Bonnie!

Also, I got the Crumb Quilt top done. Michael (DH) has claimed this as his. Only his. No one can touch it. He wants to call it Art Gallery, or something like that. He says it looks like modern art framed. Isn't it great that he likes it? I will quilt this one on the longarm machine I can rent time on in Duluth.
Happy quilting!
Cathy B

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting ready for Boxy Stars...

Well, as soon as I finish the crumb quilt top I'm working on, I will be ready to start Boxy Stars with the QuiltvilleChat group. The planned start date is July 1st. Woo-hoo!

I decided to make this as a sofa quilt for a dear friend who let me bring almost 30 young people, along with their children, over to her house to have a party for my daughter and her husband who were visiting from California. It was a marvelous party, no damages done or tears cried (except for joy!). My house is too small for that many people, so my friend offerred the use of her house. Is that a generous friend or what!!!?!

I am making this quilt as a thank-you gift for her. She chose the colors. I just need to find 2 more green or gold fabrics, I'm sure they will be found in my stash. The ivory will be the background. The berry tones the stars. The greens and golds the boxes.
I think it will turn out nicely. I KNOW it will be made with a lot of love.
Hope to see you all in our virtual chatroom!
Cathy B

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lots of interest in Boxy Stars and Chunky Churndash!

Boxy Stars has a cousin, Chunky Churndash! A lot of us will be working on these as summer projects on the Quiltville list. There is a database to sign up, and a photo album. (Both are named Summer Projects). So exciting! Now if only DH would make up his mind on colors he wants for the Boxy Stars...it will be for him. I give him a week deadline to decide, then I'm gonna make it for someone else! No pressure! lol

We are going to a family gathering this weekend. People I don't see but once a decade. How wicked am I that I would rather spend the time playing with my fabric. I know, I know! Pure-D Wicked!

I will be cordial and smiley, and play with my fabric when I get home.

Take care!

Cathy B

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boxy Stars--a project between Quiltville mysteries

Well, so Bonnie can have a rest we are gonna quilt on our own this summer. The first group project will be Boxy Stars from Quiltville.com. The pattern can be found at:


Bonnie's stuff is so great!

We will be starting July 1st, so everyone gather their 2.5" strip! I'm gonna do mine 'planned scrappy' as opposed to 'real scrappy'. It is for dh, and he prefers more order. I will post pics of my chosen fabrics as I get them.

Everyone is welcome to join! You can join our quiltville group at:


As we go along, please feel free to post links to your blogs and progress in the comments section on this blog.

Anticipatorily yours,

Cathy B

Monday, March 31, 2008

Go Fly a Kite--KiteAlong!!

We are having a new knitalong on the Bits and Bobs 2 group. Since April is National Kite Month, we are doing kites! A KiteAlong! This is a great project for using up bits of yarn. We have members who are gonna use baby yarn, worsted weight, sport yarn, dishcloth cotton...almost anything will work! A complete kite takes 11-12 yards of yarn, but you can use more than one color per kite, so smaller amounts of yarn work! You all are welcome to join us at:

This pic is on my blocking board, as the outside weather is not cooperating for an 'artistic' picture. Anyway, you get the idea!

Please spread the word. Our FishAlong was great, and the KiteAlong is just as much fun!
Cathy B

Carolina Crossroads Finished!!

I finished this in January of 2008. I set it out to be quilted by a longarmer in an allover clamshell pattern. I really love this! Now the problem will be to keep it here when the kids come to visit!