Saturday, July 5, 2008

Stuff I got done!!!

Well, got the top done on the Boxy Stars. I am sending it to the longarmer on Monday. This is the one that is a gift for a friend. This pattern goes together so quickly!! Thanks Bonnie!

Also, I got the Crumb Quilt top done. Michael (DH) has claimed this as his. Only his. No one can touch it. He wants to call it Art Gallery, or something like that. He says it looks like modern art framed. Isn't it great that he likes it? I will quilt this one on the longarm machine I can rent time on in Duluth.
Happy quilting!
Cathy B


Andee said...

Nice work on both..I love the Boxy Stars and have some red, white and blue fabric I am thinking of putting into one...yours is helping inspire me, thanks!

Candace said...

Both are beautiful I really like your boxy stars and the fabrics you chose. I hope that your husband enjoys his quilt, it is nice that he is so enthusiastic about it, it makes it all worth while.

Jane said...

Love the Boxy stars. Do you know if anyone has done it with those four V's the make the star done in the same color.
One of yours is close and it seems to make the star stand out.