Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Workin' on the Brown Crumb Art Gallery Quilt

I rented time on a longarm machine yesterday to quilt Michael's quilt. I've been calling it Brown Crumb, but he insists I start calling it Art Gallery. Okay, it IS his quilt. I did a scribble quilting pattern with wonky outlining on the stars. I had intended to quilt it on my domestic machine, but I am having a bout of tendonitis in my right arm and even brushing my teeth is painful. On the longarm machine I can do most of the work with my left arm. It ends up costing $, but that's the way it is! Thankfully I have been selling off all my spinning fiber, so I had a little money to splurge. Oh, if anyone is interested in the fiber, it is in my etsy store at:

The old joints don't want to cooperate with me spinning or weaving, so the supplies and equipment are all going, a bit at a time.

I will post a pic of the, Art Gallery all quilted and bound as soon as I can.

Cathy B

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