Friday, June 25, 2010

What a nice day!

Today I got to do volunteer work with friends in the morning, take lunch to a friend who just got out of the hospital, and got all my errands done. Gonna go pick up husband in an hour, and then we get to have dinner and replace electrical outlets!

All good, all happy.

Cathy B

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just when you think it's safe.....

Had a frustrating time yesterday. One of the outlets in our house felt hot when I went to plug in a lamp. Really hot. DH checked it out, and disconnected it and turned off the circuit for safety. Unfortunately, that was the circuit that the office runs on. And the window AC in the livingroom and the office. Bummer. No AC, and can't work on the computer. Spent most of the day in the bedroom making dishcloth patterns, eating chocolate chips cookies, and watching old dvds. Not as productive a day as I would like, but what can you do?

He put a new outlet in last night, and things are turned back on. Yay! We found out we need to replace all the outlets on that circuit, that the existing ones are not up to snuff for the load we put on the line with our computer and AC. Our place is kinda old, but it's ours! And replacing outlets is better than a fire!

Today looks to be MUCH more productive.

Take care!

Cathy B

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's a Hot Time in the old town today!

Well, we moved to Arizona from Minnesota to get away from the cold. And we did. It has been warm enough here to run the AC every day for a couple of weeks. But at least I'm not fighting ticks and mosquitoes!

We have been re-doing my sewing studio, and I am very excited to have enough shelving to actually store things! It makes me feel more creative than I have felt since we moved here a little over a year ago. I don't like working when I have to dig for what I need!

A heads-up: I am in the middle of writing 3 pattern books for knit dishcloths. I will be selling them primarily as E-pattern (you download the pdf from your computer and print out each pattern as you work on it), but will print up books for those that want it. The advantage to the E-patterns is that it costs so much less, and you get it immediately. My husband sells his book on making ventriloquist figures that way, and people have been thrilled. Especially people in other countries where the shipping from the US costs more than the book!

Keep posted, and I will let you know when these are released!

Happy fiber fingering!!

Cathy B