Saturday, July 14, 2007

Stuff besides Fishies!

Yes, I am a Fish-Along-er. But I do other stuff too. Here is a picture of a quilt I did for a friend of my daughter. I have never met the girl, but she just had her first baby, a girl, and she and her husband don't have mothers. No grandma's!!! So I had to make her a grandma quilt. It is called Cobblestones, and I really like the low contrast colors. They are the colors she has chosen for the baby, so I actually had to buy fabric instead of working my stash. But I do like it. Do you?



stitchin' girl said...

I really do like this quilt. I find it very pleasing to look at and very serene. I think the baby and her family will love it.

bookie said...

Oh, Cathy, it's beautiful! It reminds me of the softer colors my great-grandmother and grandmother used in the quilts they made for their families. And how lucky that mama and baby are that somebody decided to "grandma" for them. How can that poor girl learn to be a good mom for her new baby if there's no one to baby her every once in a while? My daughter said she would wrap herself in the afghan I made for her to take to college when she needed a hug, I'm guessing your lovely quilt will perform the same service for that new family.