Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Did you miss me?

I realized I haven't given any attention to my blog in a year! How time flies when you're falling out of a plane!

Let's see, what's going on? DH had another coronary procedure, we moved from Minnesota to Arizona for his health, I'm having health issues (being attended to, thank you!), my parents sold their house and downsized to a mobile home, my sister moved from California to Arizona so I can help take care of her (she has MS), and my father in law passed away after a rollercoaster ride with Parkinson's. The funeral is this weekend, and DH has been overwhelmed with writing his part of the eulogy and burning cds for the music the family decided on.

I can't wait for next week to come. I want this all over with!

Arizona is beautiful. We live in a little town at about 3500 feet, so it doesn't get as hot as Tucson or Phoenix. Our nearest town is Tucson, so I go there for any 'real' shopping or stuff. The view of the mountains around our place is breathtaking. The sky is so big! DH feels 1000% better here.

I hope to get my etsy store updated and productive again later this month. I have a line of art quilts and purses that I am itching to done! I will post pics as they are available.

Well, take care all!

Cathy B


Candace said...

Wow, what an overwhelming year. I am glad to hear that it seems to be calming down, your issues being attended to, and DH feeling better. I'm sorry for your loss, and hope that life will keep improving. You have been missed.

Oshea said...

Hi! I am new to your blog. I found you through googling the "fish blanket". Anyway, I am wondering if you could email me the instructions for the braided crochet seam. The link to your instructions is gone. Hope you can. Thank you very much.