Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You Are What You Keep

Hi all! I found a nice blog and challenge for my continuing declutter fest. It was started by Tabitha in Arizona. The goal is to get rid of 2010 items by the end of 2010. She started about a month ago, so there is still hope for all of us to purge 2010 items by the end of December. There are 177 days of the year left, so that comes to 11.35 items per day. When you start cleaning desk drawers and kitchen cupboards, that's easy peasy!!

I am particularly thinking of my quilting cohorts. Besides our household stuff, could we get rid of quilting stuff? You know, the tools you never use, the books that are gathering dust, the fabric that just doesn't move you. And if you are a member of the Stashbuster yahoo group, you can sell, trade or give away your quilty stuff on the Fling It All group:

You can see Tabitha's blog by clicking on the icon on the right.

Happy Flinging!

Cathy B

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Tabitha said...

I am so glad you joined me in tackling that clutter! I can't wait to watch your progress!!