Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Still unpacking....

I have been doing really well at unpacking boxes from the move. My efforts have been hindered, however, by the fact that my husband has to rewire, insulate and drywall his shop. Everything that was in the shop is now in my livingroom. It looks like I am living in a storage locker!

In theory the shop should be done by Monday, and all of the stuff removed from the livingroom. We will see.

I have been spending more time than usual in the family room in my husband's recliner (if he can take my unpacking space, I can take his recliner!) I am working on a new line of scarves for my etsy store. I want to have a decent stock for winter. Is knitting scarves in southeast Arizona this time of year crazy? Maybe.........

I have also been baking bread. I used to bake bread all the time, but my hands no longer like the kneading process. A friend gave me a bread machine, so I have been experimenting with some of my bread recipes, letting the machine do the mixing and kneading and rising, then I dump the dough out and shape & bake the loaves myself. A nice synergy, I think!

Happy day, all!

Cathy B

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