Friday, April 27, 2007

First Posting

Hi all! This is my first post on my first blog! Technology catches up with us all, doesn't it? This week I have been working on a baby Fishes Afghan. The pattern can be found on the Bits and Bobs yahoo group. It is a group for using up the small bits of yarn, fabric, beads, and whatever else you have in projects that look really good! The colors didn't come out well in this photo. The yellow and purple are accurate, but the blue should be a greenish teal. Yummy!
I have also been working on the Heartbeat Sweater with the Ample Knitters group on yahoo. Doing it in ww cotton, which I know will stretch out. I am going for the tank-top under, slouchy-off-the-shoulder look, to wear with capris this summer. I will post a photo when it doesn't look so much like a giant dishcloth!
Will write more tomorrow!


Susan said...

Love the fish-ghan! cute!

Anastacia said...

Congrats on starting your first blog. It's so exciting, isn't it? The afghan's lovely, too. I've always wanted to make it. I'm knitted & crocheted a few fish, but never more than that.