Friday, May 11, 2007

Fishy Afghan Done!!

Fishy Afghan Done!!! Hi all! So much for good intentions to post each day. Life interferes, doesn't it? Anyway, I finished the baby Fish Afghan I was working on. It turned out beautifully, and the young woman I made it for is thrilled. The best part is, she GETS it. The hours of my life put into the afghan, the love as I thought of her first baby, the fact that I would only put this much time (and money) into this project for VERY few people, people who GET it and appreciate what knitting means. Other people get stuff from Penneys! lol My young friend is also knitting her first sweater, a baby sweater, for her coming baby. She is working from a 1950 Bear Brand pattern, and I am helping her. A knitting mentor! It is working out really well, and she is thrilled.

On the subject of GETTING it, I took a load of stuff up to Goodwill this morning, and there was a pile of knit and crocheted afghans on a table, obviously all by the same person. Perfect workmanship, lovely colors. And marked at 2.99 each. So sad. I left them there, as I don't need any more afghans, and I know some young person with very little money will be excited to get them. But still, so sad. So many hours of the creator's life, not to mention the cost of the yarn. Makes you think, huh?


Marlene said...

I've seen similar things too. Beautiful and intricately crocheted doilies or tablecloths goin for less than the cotton it took to make them. Sometimes it's quite obvious that they were dumped at the goodwill after someone passed on. Very sad end to what could have been a treasured heirloom.

I don't believe my children/grandchildren should have to hang on to things they don't like just because they are handmade, but I do hope that the things I have spent a lifetime making, if not enjoyed by my own family members, are passed on to someone who WILL appreciate them and give them a good home.

Josee said...

My mother was at a garage sale last week and picked up a slew of knitted dishcloths for a quarter. She called me all excited about it because they were the same as I've been knitting and sending to her. Very very sad to see and hear about.

BTW I really really like that afghan!

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Got to your blog Via Monthly Dishcloths grooup, This is a beautiful afghan!! Great job!

hakucho said...

Your fishy afghan is so beautiful :) I love the design, but I really don't like sewing things together. Was it difficult to sew together?

It is so wonderful that your recipent appreciates all your hard work. I know it's a labor of love. I so love knowing my knitted items will be appreciated.

So sad about the prices on those handcrafted afghans. From what I have been seeing the general public is clueless as to the value of a handcrafted item.

happy knitting :)

Brie said...

Beautiful afghan!

carole said...

love the blanket. it looks great!

btw thwnks for the cloth patterns...I'll be adding them to my repertoire

AuntieAnn said...

What a beautiful afghan! I love the contrast of the black and the jewel tones. I may want to make this some day.