Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's not supposed to be this cold!

Okay, we moved from Minnesota to Arizona to get away from the cold. And here we woke up to 9 degrees. Whole neighborhoods without water due to freezing pipes in their homes and in the streets. No one is certain if the pipes have burst.

Thankfully we have water (I left water dribbling in the farthest faucet from the water main), but many others did this and have nothing. A lot of friends will be coming over tonight to take hot showers if their water hasn't started by then. Hope they bring their own towels!!

The ceiling to hubby's workshop fell in. Thankfully the landlord was right on it and should have it fixed today, but no chance of him working on any vent figures. He is at the shop seated in his little recliner with 3 space heaters pointed at him. He's working on his next book (yay! He has been procrastinating on that!)

The picture is of our yard in Minnesota. Beautiful but COOOLLLD!

On a fibery note, I am ironing a bunch of fabric bits to use in crumb blocks. I found 4 bags of scraps I had set aside, and am culling what I want and what is garbage. The ironing puts out a lot of heat, which feels great!

Happy fibery stuff!

Cathy B

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