Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A New Month!

Well, February is here, what did you do in January? On the last day of January I worked on my sewing room. Well, it isn't really a sewing room at the moment, more of a storage locker. And that isn't right!

Yesterday I dragged most of the contents into the living room so I could cull and organize. Most of my stuff is at my husband's workshop/studio (he makes vent puppets for a living), so why is my sewing room so stuffed?

One reason is that I was storing everything horizontally, so I couldn't walk into the room. This made for one reasonable difference: vertical storage. I have some great 12" X 12" X 8" boxes that are sturdy enough for me to stack them 8 high. Fabrics are now stored in there, and the boxes are labeled by color. I even have enough room to snag some more of my fabric from hubby's studio!

Next will be boxing other fibery things in the same boxes. Not certain how to label the categories, though.

Books and mags will be the hardest, but I need to be able to use my room. I'm tired of monopolizing the kitchen table!!

Happy fiber day!

Cathy B

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