Monday, September 5, 2011

Retreat weekend

I did get a lot done this weekend! First, I finished the Faux Cathedral Pillows I was working on. I love the button details!

Next, I made a set of potholders for a friend. I had gotten a goody scrap box from Linda on the Stashbuster list. Some of the bits included 2 pieces of knitting chicken fabric, and a large piece of fabric with chickens on plates. I have a friend, Cookie, who LOVES chickens, so these had to be a set of potholders for her. She loves 'em! Thanks Linda!

By the way, I know my photos are in the wrong order, but I don't want to mess with them!

I then made up a bunch of napkins. Our old ones were worn and icky. I will post pics of the napkins tomorrow.

This afternoon I am hitting the Labor Day Sales at Hancock Fabrics. I have a quilt commission, and need some purples. Hopefully we are going out to dinner with friends later.

This has been a good weekend!

Cathy B


Kathy4aday said...

Great stuff, love the fabrics!

nancy b. said...

Saw your post on stashbuster group about the Indian Star block...what a nice blog you have! I really like the faux cathedral pillow, did you have a pattern? the gray fabric looks like wool, perhaps?

Cathy said...

Nancy B, glad you like my blog! The pattern for the faux cathedral window pillows is here:

The gray fabric is actually brown, and is a thick fleece from a blanket.