Thursday, September 1, 2011

A product of the monsoons....

Weeds. Lots of weeds. And, being in southeastern Arizona, weeds that want to hurt you. Prickles, thorns, brambles....I grow 'em all!

Hubby sprayed weed killer, but got too close to my zucchini plants. Grrr! They may make it, but most of the leaves turned brown. Don't get me wrong, the weeds turned brown, too. But it just isn't worth it.

I have taken to soaking the ground for 10 minutes with a little sprinkler, then pulling up the whole weed by the roots. Yay! But I hurt. Really hurt. Makes it kinda hard to sew (or clean for that matter!)

I figure an hour a day would get rid of all the weeds in less than 2 weeks, so I will continue to work on weed abatement. But I have to go out early in the day. I am currently a little too pink for comfort! Hopefully the cooler temps will make it so I don't collapse, and can sew. I have so much stuff I want to sew!

Think of me when you do fibery things!

Cathy B

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