Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The months have flown!!

I can't believe I haven't blogged since November! Between being sicker than I have been in 20 years, taking care of my disabled sister, and taking care of my sick hubby, I haven't had time to breath!

I have been spending at least 2 days a week taking care of sis (she has MS and has lost most of her sight and the use of her legs since February), and at least 2 days a week helping hubby with our business. Whew!

I have been feeling very put out that I haven't had any me time. What a sissy! Most women I know have to work 40 hours a week, plus housework and taking care of kids and husbands. I have been spoiled, and need to get real. My life is changing, and I have to adapt.

I want to have me time, but it will not be as much as I had before. Such is life.

I will post pics when hubby tells me where he filed them.

Take care!

Cathy B

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