Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Oh rah! Hubby found where he filed my quilty photos! Today I am showing the quilt that I helped my dear quilt student (I use her as a substitute daughter, as mine lives too far away!) make for her inlaws anniversary.

This is her first quilt, and I am bursting with pride!

Isn't it a lovely String X quilt? The fabric is mostly cowboy themed, as that is what her inlaws love. The backing is a denim-printed cotton. She is making this quilt in green and pink for her daughter's room, then we move on to a more difficult string quilt (pics will be posted!).

Take care, all! I should really be putting piles of fabric and yarn away. My lovely MIL is coming in tomorrow for a few days! We haven't seen her for more than a year!

Cathy B


Nann said...

Your student/friend did a nice job! Another quilt in the planning? Did you warn her that the slope is slippery?.....

Cathy said...

The quilt for her daughter is the same pattern. After that, another strip quilt. Then we venture into 9-patch. She is already sliding down the slippery slope! I am such an enabler!