Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Family visit

My mom and my daughter and her hubby (my sweet boy!) came to visit for a few days last week.  It was soooo good to see them.  Who would think that California and Arizona were so far apart!

We spent most of the time eating and sleeping.  And watching corny sci fi movies.  I have quite a collection!

The kids slept here, and my mom slept at my sister's house.  It was good for her to have some alone time with Mama, and I needed alone time with my kids.

Mama always looks for quilty things to take home with her.  I didn't have any that were not already slated for someone else.  Then, surprise!! I remembered that I had a bin of potholders and a bin of dishcloths.  She took about a dozen of each, and shared some with my sister and sister-in-law that live in California.  Yay!!  She just loves the dishcloths.  I kept forgetting to send her more.  She also made new kitchen curtains out of fabric from my sister's stash (the sis that lives in Arizona).  They go really well with the potholders she claimed.

I am hoping we get to visit them in October.  Will see.  It works out well because hubby's mom lives 15 minutes from my parents.  Wish my son could have come out, but we will see him in October.

Family is wonderful.

Cathy B

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