Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You know how life gets to be a bit much?

As I've talked about before, I am my sister's primary caregiver (she has ms).  It has been much more time intensive since February, when she lost her sight and the use of her legs (her sight is about 50% back.)  I really don't need a whole lot more stress.

Well, Friday we took my hubby in to the emergency room with chest pains.  He has had 3 stent procedures in the last 7 years, and we knew he needed another.  His tests always come back fine, and they want to send him home.  When we finally convince them to let him stay and have the procedure, they schedule him for a nuclear stress test.  Nooooo!!! His cardiologists have all said that it would kill him.  I sit myself down and stand guard over him until the cardiologist comes in in the morning.  Soooo tiring.

His regular cardiologist is on vacation for 3 weeks, so I got to explain the whole thing to the doctor filling in for him.  It was a new hospital, new doctor, and we were both exhausted.

Thankfully, the new doctor was wonderful.  He actually listened to us, cancelled the stress test, and did the procedure (reaming out three of the existing stents.  No new stents this time!).  It is amazing what they can do with medicine these days.  Hubby is feeling much better.  It is hard to keep him resting for 3 days!  Hopefully he will be back to work tomorrow, on a light scale.  Self-employment and no insurance is hard!

I am so grateful that he got this taken care of.  I love that old poop!

Take care!

Cathy B
(was up until 3 AM working on crumb blocks.  Fibro hurt too much to sleep.)

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