Monday, September 3, 2012

Saturday and Sunday

Well, I got work done on UFOs on both Saturday and Sunday.  I worked on some crumb blocks from pieces in my crumb bin.  And (yay!) I worked on my dining room curtains.  They are golden-cream faux silk, and they really do look like silk!  I bought the panels on sale at wallyworld, $7 each for floor-length panels.  I had planned on sewing 3 rows of assorted neutral buttons on the leading (inner) edge of each panel.  On Saturday I basted guide lines, and then was set to sew on the buttons.

At that point I decided that I would use only hole buttons, no shank buttons.  Sooooo......I spent more than an hour sorting buttons.  I had a gallon ziploc bag plus a quart plastic container full of neutral buttons.  All sorted now, and I have 1.5 of the lines of buttons sewn on.  I glue-basted each button in place with a washable glue stick (25 cents at wallyworld).  It goes on purple and dries clear.  I used the width of my thumb as the spacing guide.  As all the buttons are different widths, it gives a randomness to the placements.

I am SO loving this look.  Hubby has the camera with him, but I will post a pic when I can.

Happy UFO-ing!

Cathy B

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