Friday, May 24, 2013

I'm Baaaack!

It really is ridiculous how life can get in the way of living.

Since November I sprained my right ankle and broke my left ankle in 2 places. (All at the same time.) The doctor says it will never heal properly.  Oh, well. I have fibro, so I know pain already.

Was eating canned peaches in February, and broke both of my front teeth. Lots of pain meds, and 2 crowns. Blehh!

In March I got an abcess. Thursday night it was the size of a grape, Monday morning it was the size of a grapefruit. Hubby made me go to the doctor, and I ended up in isolation in the hospital for a week. Almost died. The surgery incision still hasn't completely healed.

I'm waiting to see what part of me falls off next! LOL!

I haven't been able to sew much at all. Knitting tons of dishcloths, though!

To keep things in perspective, an artist friend of ours just got home from the hospital yesterday. He had one of his eyes removed. I am going to be listing items on Etsy that I made last summer (some even before). His insurance paid for the surgery and the 'prepwork', but won't pay for a prosthetic eye. Friends are trying to come up with money to help him, and anything I sell on Etsy will go 100% toward helping him.

Like I said, it keeps things in perspective.

Take care!


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