Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm in love with my shredder...

I just finished shredding a box of paper. Some of it was junk mail, but a lot of it was receipts, old checks and check registers, credit card statements...stuff that I don't want anyone to get their hands on.

In the olden days I would take all such stuff to the credit union and they would put it in their shredding bin. After I got my own shredder, I really went to town! Shredders don't cost much for the peace of mind they give. I think I our shredder cost $39 at Walmart.

I had my identity stolen 20 years ago, and occasionally something still surfaces. Don't wanna do that again.

As for what to shred and what to keep---I keep anything that may concern our taxes for 10 years, sealed in a box with the year written on the outside, after taxes are done. We have our own small business, so documentation is very important! After 10 years I shred all the contents of the box except for the tax return copies. I only keep credit card statements that have to do with the business. The others are shredded when the next statement comes in.

We use the shredded paper as packing material when we ship puppets. I put the shredding in a plastic grocery store or walmart bag and tie it firmly closed. Free packing, going green!

Today's pic is of our backyard where we lived in Minnesota until last year. Beautiful, isn't it? DH just couldn't take the long northern MN winters anymore.

Well, time to alter shirts to fit puppets. Quilts are more fun!

Cathy B

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Ruby said...

“Shredders don't cost much for the peace of mind they give.” – I couldn’t agree more! Having one can add to your data and identity security. Data thieves can steal your information from bills, receipt and documents lying around the house. By shredding, you are one step ahead in protecting yourself from possible identity theft. [Ruby Badcoe]