Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More stuff gone, and a bonus pic!

Well, more stuff is leaving.

48 cassette tapes (trash--I don't even have a player any more!)
3 clothing--donate
2 clothing--trash
2 clothing--sold

It is so liberating to get rid of things! My favorite de-cluttering gurus are Peter Walsh and Marla Cilley (Flylady). I love to get into the psychology of keeping and getting rid of stuff.

My current 'eureka' is that I only have the space I have. If I have more stuff than will fit in that space, something has to go. Simple, but profound.

Today I have been sewing arms and legs. DH makes ventriloquist puppets (puppetsandprops.com) and I do the sewing and altering of clothes. We send 'em all over the world, which is kinda cool.

Now for the bonus pic: David McCallum from the mid to late 50's. No reason to post this other than he was so cool looking. This pic is from a great movie called Violent Playground.


Cathy B


Cheri said...

Your effort is so inspiring and then you also reward us with a pic of that gorgeous hunk!

Cathy said...

yummy, isn't he? I have more that I will share occasionally.

Mary K said...

I always had a crush on him. I was only 10 at the time.

Kathryn said...

Do you know about Brooks Palmer, and his book, "Clutter Busting"?

He has a slightly different take on things that has really made a difference for me.

I get ongoing inspiration from his blog:

Every time I declutter, I receive a MIRACLE! Something new comes into my life that I've wanted for a long time, or something special happens. So cool!

Kathryn Kistner in Texas