Monday, September 16, 2013

I love daylilies!

I tried to find daylilies at the Big Box hardware stores last week. The guys in charge of the nursery departments insisted that you can only plant them in the spring. I showed them online that in Arizona you can plant them just as well in the autumn. They both said the internet was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Stupid pseudo plant guys.

I found one common daylily at Walmart. Gonna order some fun ones online. Planted the daylily in a pot on the porch today. Even the green-ness of the foliage makes me very happy.  I lost all of my plants last year when my ankle was smooshed and I couldn't care for them.

I think I will do a planter out front with a crepe myrtle in the center and daylilies all around. Perennials are the way to go!

Take care, and hug a daylily!

Cathy B

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