Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I've been blog hopping.....

and as I have been blog hopping, I have noticed a trend. People are overbusy and overstressed. Many bloggers are so overwhelmed by life that it leaks over into their bloggy live. They don't blog as much as they used to, and some posts seem like a burden.

This seems to be boiling up to a massive information overload, where we can't keep up and don't really WANT to keep up.

What do we do?

I think it all goes back to Thoreau. Simplify, simplify.

Do you really NEED to know what is happening on each blog, by each designer? I don't think so. I have a lot of blogs I follow, but I don't read all of them every day. There is no need. I have a life to live!

Simplifying makes the blogs I do read more enjoyable, not a burden. And I don't feel compelled to post on my blog every day.

Just sayin'.

Cathy B

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Vic in NH said...

How true! My Dad used to call it being, "Devil-driven".
As for me, I think that I have far less energy or motivation as the daylight is so reduced each day. I go into semi-hibernation mode. Using a daylight-corrected lightbulb helps.