Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm hopeless in the face of fabric!

I did a HST (squares made with 2 triangles) swap on the Pickle Road yahoo group, and got my 100 pieces back this week. I am supposed to be working on a commissioned quilt, but the HST's got to me! I found Indian Star on Quilterscache, which would allow me to use them without re-sizing a block. Soooooo....

I took today as a Pajama Day. I am sewing in my pjs all day (until we go out tonight!) I had to make a lot more HSTs, but it is so much fun! I will post a pic when hubby gets back with the camera.


Cathy B


quilary said...

Wow all those blocks...I love swaps for all the lovely surprises that turn up in the letterbox!

Chandra the Crazed Quilter said...

I am always fond of pajama days, especially because it means I don't leave the house and get a lot done while feeling comfortable. Then there are the pajama days when I stay tucked in bed or on the couch.