Thursday, November 17, 2011


You know, when we lived in northern Minnesota I only had yard work for 3 months of the year. Here in SE Arizona, there is yard work of some sort 12 months of the year.

Good thing I like yard work. It is exercise that changes frequently, and I feel in touch with my roots. (In touch with my roots! I crack me up!)

In 2.5 week we are hosting a luncheon for a bunch of friends and a visiting minister and his family. The inside of the house is pretty good, except for putting up new curtains in the livingroom. (Waiting on hubby to help me put up the rods.) The front yard, however, looks like a very successful weed farm. At least my neighbors are mostly in the same situation.

During and after the monsoon season, the weeds went crazy and I had major fibromyalgia pain. Not a good combo! The weeds are winning! At least they have mostly stopped growing, as the weather is a little cooler.

Today I started spending 15 minutes a day weeding and trimming bushes. That should get a lot done. On the day before the luncheon hubby will go wacky with the weed wacker and rake everything up for me. Yay!

In the midst of this, our son sent back the Lone Star king size quilt he has had for about 10 years. He 'borrowed' off of my bed when he moved out on his own. The front is perfect, but the backing is torn and 'rotted'. I thought it was good fabric, but I guess not. I was going to just put a new backing on it and quilt over the old quilting (wreaths of leaves and roses), but the backing is all wonky, too. Much as I don't want to, I think I may take out all the quilting and treat it as a new quilt top, sandwiching and having it quilted. (I can't quilt big quilts anymore, my shoulders won't take it.)

Sigh. It has been loved for many years. It deserves to be lovely again.

Cathy B


Rebecca Grace said...

Wow -- taking out ALL the quilting and redoing it sounds like a MAJOR repair! My son's twin bed quilt has been on his bed for almost ten years now and he has chewed holes in spots (I know; he's a little chipmunk!). I was thinking of just patching the backing, cutting a litte piece of batting to fill the hole (they're not very big, maybe 1/8" at most) and replacing the damaged patch on the front of the quilt. Your salvage job makes mine seem so easy, even though I've been dreading it and procrastingating for a couple of years now...

Thanks for your comment on my Fahrenheit 451 review -- I couldn't find your email address to reply to you directly. Your quilting is lovely!

Rebecca Grace said...